Cranab Construction Grapples

Multi Grapple

MG grapples have a wide field of use and are ideal for general lifting and picking. The grapple closes tightly, which not only means great grip capacity for brush, but also for objects large and small. The MG grapple is available in five sizes.

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Available models:

All-rounder grapple that always gets to grips


MPa25 Mpa
Weight150 Kg
m20.19 m²
Width - max grapple1290 mm
Width - min grapple82 mm
Depth341 mm
Height - max open737 mm
Height Tip to tip818 mm
Tip force at max9.5 kN
Tip force tip to tip12 kN
Max load3000 Kg
Expander pinsNo


MPa25 Mpa
Weight230 Kg
m20.26 m²
Width - max grapple1500 mm
Width - min grapple0 mm
Depth456 mm
Height - max open826 mm
Height Tip to tip923 mm
Tip force at max12.4 kN
Tip force tip to tip14.4 kN
Max load4800 Kg
Expander pinsYes


MPa25 Mpa
Weight393 Kg
m20.33 m²
Width - max grapple1816 mm
Width - min grapple125 mm
Depth576 mm
Height - max open847 mm
Height Tip to tip1015 mm
Tip force at max16.5 kN
Tip force tip to tip18.1 kN
Max load7000 Kg
Expander pinsYes


MPa25 Mpa
Weight435 Kg
m20.40 m²
Width - max grapple1980 mm
Width - min grapple135 mm
Depth576 mm
Height - max open932 mm
Height Tip to tip1107 mm
Tip force at max19.9 kN
Tip force tip to tip22 kN
Max load8400 Kg
Expander pinsYes


MPa25 Mpa
Weight515 Kg
m20.62 m²
Width - max grapple2591 mm
Width - min grapple177 mm
Depth576 mm
Height - max open954 mm
Height Tip to tip1300 mm
Tip force at max16.4 kN
Tip force tip to tip20.5 kN
Max load12000 Kg
Expander pinsYes
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